About us

Anchihouse – house of An & Chi – our little adorable daughters who are just like the daughters of other proud parents, have always been an inspiration and motivation in our lives. Anchihouse started from our desire to make products that stay with your children for a long time, keeping sparkling childhood memories and valuing family vibes.

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Quality and Comfort for Your Kids.

At the heart of everything, we are adamant that our products are made from materials that are safe and comfortable for children’s sensitive skin, yet durable and easy to care -machine washable, tumble-dryable!

Handmade with Love

To us, a modern kid’s store means a store built by people that know kids, stocking the best products, providing an effortless shopping experience.


Uniqueness is also very important. As a hand-made workshop, we could do customized elements of every kind based on your need. We are not about fast fashion, and will never be.